A downloadable game for Windows

Only works using a Windows Mixed Reality headset!

I developed a Beat Saber clone in 2019 as part of an assignment for a game design course.  If you have a Windows Mixed Reality headset, feel free to try it out!

Featured song: K/DA - "POP/STARS" by Riot Music Team

Features of the project include:
Advanced scoring mechanics which factors combo, force of swing and how closely you swing to the centre of the block

Health system with lifebar; Game over if your health reaches 0.

Neon-lit environment and beams using HDR rendering which is animated to match the song

Various immersive effects such as fog, sparks and background music video

Menu screen and pause screen with options to select new songs or quit the game

Easy difficulty (non-directional beats), normal and hard difficulty (directional beats)

Slicing mechanics were provided by the School of Product design and block placement mechanics was developed by my assignment partner.


BeatsaberEXEBuild.zip 71 MB

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