Journey into the breathtaking world of Mount FAUNIR. A brutal, yet comedic 2D platformer where shortcomings are out of your control. Mount FAUNIR is a test of your luck, instinct, tactical brilliance, and skill.  Will you have what it takes to descent down the perilous mountain, where a breathtaking view awaits? Created for GMTK Game Jam 2020.

And yes, FAUNIR is an anagram of UNFAIR!


WASD or Arrow keys - Movement

Spacebar - Jump

Spacebar in midair - Double jump

Hold spacebar for longer jumps


Billythekidzz - Art, Programming
samdixonmusic - Background music

Sound Effects extracted from Ultimate SX Bundle

"Never gonna give you up" snippet from Rick Astley
"il vento d'oro" snippet from Yugo Kanno


Download 37 MB


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Clever sections. It never felt stale - each new trick didn't overstay its welcome and they all felt quite distinct from each other. The length felt right for some of the meaner tricks (invisible death especially).

A mess it is extremely tedious to move your character and the humor wears thin after a few moments


Thanks for your feedback! Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the game :(. I'll be sure to work on pacing and tighter controls for future games.